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Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Leroy Bolden learned to cook at the young age of 12.  As his mother worked to support the family, he became the family cook.  It was clear to all the elder women in the neighborhood that he loved to bake. They would share with him their personal baking tips to get the right taste, texture, and moisture in his baked goods. 

Leroy has now been making delicious cakes, pies, cobblers, cheesecake, and cookies for more than 50 years .  Both he and his cooking are well known in his community.  Leroy and his desserts are the inspiration behind the creation of LeRoy's Sweet Potato Shack in San Diego's North County.

Leroy never thought about selling his baked goods.  He was always content to share them with everyone, expecting nothing more but the reaction of tasteful enjoyment.  In 2000, Leroy's church brother tasted the Sweet Potato Cake and convinced Leroy that he should share his desserts with the community-at-large.  Nine years later, Leroy's baking student Bryan Moore helped "the Shack" become a reality.  Bryan and Leroy worked together for more than 12 years caring for out-of-home youth. 

Born in St. Stephens, Alabama, Bryan was no stranger to southern, "country-style" baking.  Since he was raised eating his mother's Sweet Potato Pie, it was only a matter of time before he learned to bake them.  He has now been a student under Leroy's baking tutelage since 2001 and also finds fulfillment in providing others with memorable tastes of home cooking. 

Let LeRoy's Sweet Potato Shack provide desserts for your next special occasion.  Every dessert is made with love and history, as if it were the very first one you tasted - reminiscent of grandma's baking.

LeRoy's Sweet Potato Shack
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